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Why are all of my messages gone?
Why are all of my messages gone?

For School and districts accounts

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If you've logged into your TalkingPoints for Schools account and suddenly discovered that all of your messages are no longer there, fret not, they are not lost!

Teacher and Admins on School accounts (this means institutions who have a paid partnership with TalkingPoints) can decide which school year's messages they want to view. We hope that this will make communication a little bit easier for everyone, so your inbox isn't flooded with old messages that may no longer be relevant. If you want/need to view older messages, we still make that available (and hopefully easy), so I will walk through a step by step below of how to do that.

Now for the important part, viewing older messages.

Step 1: After logging in, click on your name and click on the 'Settings' button.

Step 2: Select 'School Year'.

Step 3: You'll notice that the 'Actual year' at the top is highlighted in blue. To view a past school year's messages, click on the school year you'd like to see.

Step 4: Once you've clicked on the correct message year, you'll see that above your 'Compose' button, it now says 'School Year 2018-2019' for example. You should now be able to navigate to your messages and view all of your messages from the past school year!

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