How can I add Translations to Videos?
Can I add translations to YouTube videos before I send the link in a message?
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TalkingPoints allows you to send short videos and video links with your messages.  

If you add your videos to YouTube, you can choose to have it auto translated into other languages.  This is a YouTube feature, not a TalkingPoints feature.

Step-by-Step Guide: Using YouTube Translation Feature

Step 1

Upload video to YouTube.

In the upper righthand side of your screen, you will see a drop-down option to upload videos.

Step 2

Fill out the details.

Step 3

Save and publish the video.

Step 4

When the video is published you can then enable subtitles.

Click the settings icon on the bottom right hand menu of the video. 

Step 5

Click on Auto-translate and select the language you would like to translate into.

Translated captions will now appear on your video.

Step 6

Click the Share button at the bottom underneath the video and copy the URL. 

Step 7 

Paste the video link in the TalkingPoints app and send to your students' families. 

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