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TalkingPoints Tips for Writing for Translation
TalkingPoints Tips for Writing for Translation

How can I compose my message for the clearest translation?

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 Here are a few TalkingPoints tips for writing for translation:

  1. Be concise. English often translates into longer text.

  2. Use simple sentences. Avoid compound ones.

  3. Use active voice (as opposed to passive).

  4. Use standard English word order: subject —> verb —> object.

  5. Avoid long noun strings.

  6. Avoid humor in most cases.

  7. Avoid jargon, slang, and idioms. Use only literal terms (e.g., met instead of ran into).

  8. Try to use words that have a single meaning (e.g., angry instead of mad).

  9. Use relative pronouns like "that" and "which."

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