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Getting Started Guide: School and District Teachers
Getting Started Guide: School and District Teachers

How do I get started in making the most of my paid TalkingPoints account?

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The TalkingPoints mission is to help you engage your families. Our focus is serving underserved and multilingual families. Let’s get started!


TalkingPoints allows you to sign in different ways using either our web app or our mobile app. The first way you login might be dependent upon the type of account your school or district has created (Clever, Classlink, or CSV), so see below for more details.

(1) Clever Accounts

If your school or district created their account using Clever, you will first need to sign in through Clever and then create a password for TalkingPoints.

(2) Classlink Accounts

If your school or district created their account using Classlink, you can sign in through their SSO.

(3) CSV Accounts

If your school or district created their account using a CSV file, you will need to use the invite sent to your email address from your admin and sign in directly to TalkingPoints or with Google SSO.

After your first sign in, you can sign in on the web at and click on the ‘LOGIN' button or download our mobile app for teachers available on iOS and Android.


Your classes, students and contacts will already be in your account!

The next step is to compose an introductory message to send to your families. Introduce yourself and let families know that you will be using TalkingPoints to communicate with them. Simply click on the ‘COMPOSE MESSAGE’ button and select the recipients you want to message. You can message your whole class or just a few families.

To make your first introductory message easy, TalkingPoints has set up some templates you can use.

Did you Know?

  • Parents who are signed up for SMS text messages will receive a message that lets them know they can opt out of receiving your messages by texting GOODBYE or STOP at any time.

  • Parents receive text messages, but there is also a TalkingPoints | Parents App that parents can download.



There are multiple ways to engage your families once you have your classes set up. TalkingPoints allows you to easily:

  • Schedule and save messages as templates that you send often, like homework reminders

  • Add photos, emojis and other attachments

  • Send whole class announcements or reach out individually to families

The more you engage your families the more support they can give your students. Parents appreciate hearing from you!


Click here to download our Getting Started Guide that will show you how to sign up, set up your class and send your first message.

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