Parents can unsubscribe from receiving messages from TalkingPoints by texting GOODBYE or STOP and rejoin your class by texting REJOIN. This can be done either in English or the language in which they receive their messages.

This will remove them from all classes and not just one.

Note: Stop. or Goodbye. with punctuation will not register as an unsubscribe but as a message to the teacher.

Parents in the TalkingPoints for Parents app can leave a class by following these steps:

  1. In the app, go to profile (right icon, along the bottom row)

  2. Select your child's name to view all their classes

  3. You should see "Leave class" next to each class. Select this to stop receiving messages from that teacher.

If you use TalkingPoints school or district wide, when a parent unsubscribes from one class, this unsubscribes them from all classes for that students.

Reach out to your child's teacher to receive the phone number to rejoin their class as demonstrated here.

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