School administrators can manually add staff members to their school's TalkingPoints account. This feature is often used to add staff members who are not listed as a teacher on record, and therefore not pulled over from your sync with Clever or Classlink.

STEP 1: From your staff list click "ADD STAFF."

STEP 2: Fill out your teacher's information.

  • Enter your staff member's first and last name and email address. For security purposes, the email address must be part of your school's email domain.

  • Choose the appropriate level of permission for the staff member (not sure which one to choose? click on the "View all permissions" link to see the overview!).

To see which staff members were added manually, sort your staff list by "SOURCE."

When you click on the name of an individual staff member, you can view and edit their information, add them to classes, or delete their account. Please note that all staff members who are added manually must be deleted manually.

Note: If your staff member(s) are already in your account through Clever or ClassLink sync and you want to adjust your permissions, please see this article.

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