Help a Family Member Rejoin a Class

Learn how to assist a family member in rejoining a class they left.

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Here are the steps to help family members who have unsubscribed from receiving your messages rejoin your account.

Log into the web portal at

Step 1: Click on your class to see the student list.

Step 2: Find the student of the family who unsubscribed. Hover your mouse over the icon that says "Unsubscribed" (do not click, only hover!). It will show you the phone number to which the family member needs to text REJOIN in order to sign up to receive messages from you again.

Step 3: Share this phone number with the family member and ask them to text REJOIN. Once the family member texts 'rejoin' to this number, the status icon will change from "Unsubscribed" back to "SMS."

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