Now that your TalkingPoints for Districts and Schools account has been set up, and your team has started sending messages, it's likely that you've gotten notifications for messages that may not apply to you.

This is happening, because any messages sent out by School Administrators in your account, will be returned to the school inbox, so that they can be replied to by anyone on the team.

In the video below, we'll walk you through how to change or turn off your notification settings in your account.

Note: The video will first walk through how to do so for District Admins, School Admins can skip to 1:55.

Screen Shot 2021-12-02 at 11.49.00 AM.png

1. Click on your name in the bottom left hand corner of your account.

2. Click on Notifications.

3. Adjust your notification settings to your desired frequency + click Save.

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