Joining a Class
Learn how to join your student's TalkingPoints class using SMS or the TalkingPoints for Families App.
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If your student's school or teacher adds you to their account manually or through their system, you will not need to join their classes. You should either immediately begin receiving messages via SMS text or see their classes listed when you download the TalkingPoints for Families app. If you are asked to join their classes, see below for instructions. 👇

Joining a class via SMS text:

Your student's teacher will provide you with a code based on your home language. For example, in the videos below, you see the mother was provided the code and phone number to text in order to begin receiving messages from the teacher in Spanish. She then typed in her student's name and her relationship to him and she's ready to go!

Joining a class via TalkingPoints for Families App:

The teacher of the class will have provided a 6-digit invitation code for you to join the class on the app. If you do not have the code, please contact the teacher.

  1. Click the profile tab in the bottom right corner of the app.

  2. Select 'Join a Class.'

  3. Select the name of the student or 'New Student' who needs to join a class.

  4. Type in the code provided by the teacher of the class.

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