For accounts set up with .csv, or if you are manually adding new staff members to your TalkingPoints accounts, you as an administrator can make it easier for your staff to find their TalkingPoints accounts for the first time by following the instructions below to automatically send an invitation email fo all staff.

Tip: This is helpful to do right before introducing TalkingPoints in a staff training so staff have the invitation email at the top of their inbox!

Note: If you set up your account via Clever or ClassLink, staff will be able to access directly from those portals, without needing an invitation email.

First, click on Staff in the menu on the left.

Next, click the Invite All button in the upper right hand corner.

This will send an invitation email to the staff member's school email address from TalkingPoints. The invitation will be sent to all staff and selected filters will not be applied. This invitation email is how staff will log-in for the first time and set up their password.

As a note, here is what each of the different status tags in the Status column indicates.

  • OK = staff member has been invited and has logged in to their account

  • Pending Invite Accept = invitation email has been sent, but staff has not yet signed into their account. They will receive a new invite email when you click Invite All.

  • Not Invited Yet = have not yet received an invite email. They will receive their invite email when you click Invite All.

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