School administrators can use message templates to save time and create consistent communication. As a school administrator, you can:

  • Use of TalkingPoints' pre-written message templates for attendance, logistics, positive messages, and more

  • Write and save custom message templates and organize them by topic

  • Write and save message templates that will populate in your teachers' accounts to ensure consistent messaging across the school

Read below for steps on how to use the message templates TalkingPoints has pre-populated into your account, as well as how to save custom message templates for you and your teachers.

Accessing TalkingPoints' Pre-Written Message Templates

Step 1:

On the compose message screen use the tabs for Positive Messages, Attendance, Logistics, Other, and Teacher Messages to access pre-saved message templates.

Step 2:

Click on the message template you wish to send. If the template has the TalkingPoints logo on it, it was pre-written by TalkingPoints.

Saving Custom Message Templates

Step 1:

Click on "Send a Message" and compose the message you want to save as a template. Click "Save as a Template".

Step 2:

When you click "Save," you will receive a pop-up that asks if you where you want to save the template. If you want the message to be accessible for other School Admins at your site, choose the category it applies to (Positive messages, Attendance, Logistics, or Other). Select "Teachers" if you want the message template to be accessible to teachers at your site. After selecting the appropriate audience click "Save."

If you selected "teachers" then teachers at your school will now see that message template option in their account. If you chose "school admins" then anyone else with the "School Admin" permission at your school will see that message template option in their account.

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