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Video Captions with Translations
Video Captions with Translations

Learn about video captions with translations.

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Now on the TalkingPoints for Teachers Mobile app, you can add captions which will be translated into each contact's home language when sent.

When you attach a video to a message in your mobile account, you'll be asked if you want to add captions. Click OK and your video, recorded in English, will include translated captions so your family contacts can read along in their home language.

Things to keep in mind about this feature:

  • This feature is currently available on mobile only, not available on the web app.

  • This feature is currently available to teachers only, not available to admin.

  • Your families who use the app will need to have the latest version in order for it to work, so you should send an announcement encouraging them to update if they haven't done so recently.

  • Remember that our video captions are just like our messages so typical tips for translation are similar with the addition of speaking clearly and not too quickly.

Watch this example to learn how to add video closed captioning with translations!

To learn how to add translated captions to a video in YouTube, click here.

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