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How can families change their notifications settings?
How can families change their notifications settings?

Where do I find notification settings in the TalkingPoints Parents app?

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Updating Your Phone's Notification Settings

For TalkingPoints for Families, you will not find notification settings inside the app. Instead, you will need to open up your phone's settings to manage notifications. Here are the steps to access notification settings on both Apple and Android devices.


Step 1: Open Notifications

Step 2: Select TalkingPoints app

Step 3: Allow Notifications


Step 1: Open apps

Step 2: Select Parent App

Step 3: Click on notifications

Step 4: Enable "Show Notifications"

Notifications Help

Not receiving notifications from your TalkingPoints for Families app? We've created a notifications diagnostic tool in the app to help figure out what the issue is so that you don't miss important messages from teachers.

Step 1: In the TalkingPoints for Families app, select Profile

Step 2: Change view from Classes to Profile

Step 3: Scroll down and select Notifications Help

The app will automatically run three tests to determine why you're not receiving notifications.

If you need to change notification settings on your device, see the instructions at the top of this article.

Need more help? Reach out to our team by clicking "Help Center"!

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