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ADA compliance + Expanded Equity Features
ADA compliance + Expanded Equity Features

Features that meet and go beyond ADA compliance to offer greater understandability and equity in the TalkingPoints apps and website

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Understandability, equity, and accessibility are core to the TalkingPoints mission, and these are new - and coming soon - features that you can use to engage all families:


AccessiBe user tools installed across all web apps and website

  • AccessiBe is a plugin that allows users to adjust their accessibility profile on web apps. This has been installed on the website, Teacher web app, School Product, and District Product. Users can adjust settings to support disabilities such as ADHD, blindness, impaired vision, and much more!

Dynamic font sizing to match phone settings

  • The TalkingPoints for Families app has been optimized to match users' font sizes from their phone settings. For example, if they have their phone set to maximum text size, the family app will have the messages enlarged and no text will be cut off or out of view.


In-product tips & guidance for helping teachers to write for translation and varied family literacy levels

  • To help teachers communicate with families who may have low levels of literacy and/or speak different home languages, we've added our Readability Flag to alert teachers when their message may not be understandable to some families

  • If a teacher composes a message on the TalkingPoints web app using language above a 5th-grade reading level, an orange flag will appear. If the teacher clicks that flag, they'll see a prompt to simplify their message for optimized translation and readability and be offered links to resources for writing for translation.

  • Users can turn this feature off if they do not find it helpful.

Family app Ed 101 - glossary of education terms;

currently available in English & Spanish

  • Many terms that are common for educators are not ones that families are familiar with. To demystify these terms, we've added a 101 glossary within the family app

  • We've highlighted education terms in messages that teachers send families, so families can click on the term and see a definition, all without leaving the app

  • We are continually adding terms to the glossary, so it will continue to expand. If you've got a suggested term for us to add, please let us know!

Human-translated Family app

  • The TalkingPoints for Families mobile app is translated with support from professional human translators to best meet the needs of multilingual families.

  • In our agile, ongoing development cycle, we update our apps every few weeks. For optimal understanding, every update is translated with support by our network of professional human translators.

Family app: enabled speech to text

  • Within the TalkingPoints for Families app, users can click the microphone and speak into the phone. As they speak, their words will be transcribed. Once the user is done speaking, they can press the arrow and send it directly back to the teacher, translated into English.

Family app: Text-to-speech visible within the chat thread

  • Families are able to easily press a button within chats with teachers to listen to messages. This feature supports contacts who have limited literacy or prefer to hear their messages.

Family app: Speech-to-text ability within message thread

  • TalkingPoints for Family Mobile App offers a speech-to-text option that allows users to communicate with teachers by recording a message in their home language, which is then transcribed, and then translated (if necessary) for the teacher in English.

Videos with translated captions

  • When you attach a video to a message in your mobile account, you'll be asked if you want to add captions. Click OK and your video, recorded in English, will include translated captions so your family contacts can read along in their home language.

Help me understand

  • We created the Instant Help Me Understand button for incoming messages with spelling/grammatical errors or mixing of English and home languages that are difficult to understand. With this tool, you don't have to wait for one of our translators to take a second look at the translation. You can now get instant access to a better translation automatically!

    *Note: Instant Help Me Understand feature is currently available only on Teacher web. On the mobile app, you can submit a translation request to one of our translators for review.

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