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What is TalkingPoints?
TalkingPoints for Families
TalkingPoints for Families

What is it and how does it work?

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The TalkingPoints for Parents App is an optional and incredible FREE tool for any and all of your students' families who want a direct line of communication with you.

Benefits to the Family

Benefits to the Teacher

Data shows that families that use the app are more engaged and benefit from its enhanced features.

You'll also have access to read receipts for contacts using the TalkingPoints for Parents app, whereas we can only provide sent status for messages going via text message due to cell carrier restrictions.

How it works

Family contacts who were added by the teacher will see their classes already populated when they download and enter the app using just their phone number--no codes required.

If you want to have contacts join your classes on their own, we do provide unique class codes they can use.

Families view each message as a 1:1 chat with the teacher, regardless of how many recipients there were, and can engage with each message by liking it, answering any polls, and responding with a message in their home language. They can also attach links, photos, and videos.

Getting Families Engaged

Teachers and administrators have found that sending reminders about the app's usefulness is a great way to get more families to download the app. They'll also appreciate the fact that it's easy to use, totally free, and has additional benefits as listed above.

We also create and share resources, like reading recommendations, for families who choose to provide an email address when signing up for the app—an additional advantage.

So, the best way to get families engaged on the TalkingPoints for Parents app is to tell them what they're missing out on!

Here is a tutorial video you can share with family contacts wanting some help getting acquainted with the app.

Hopefully, this article helped you further understand how the TalkingPoints for Parents app works. For more information, visit

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