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What is TalkingPoints?
TalkingPoints for Teachers
TalkingPoints for Teachers

What is it and how does it work?

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TalkingPoints' two-way multilingual communication apps allow teachers and families to stay connected 24/7 through the ease of text messaging. Let us show you how it works!

The app can be accessed on the web at or on mobile in the App Store or Google Play.

Teachers input student contact information, selecting each family's preferred home language from our list of 150 supported languages. Immediately after filling in your roster you can begin sending messages to families!

Family contacts who are added by the teacher will instantly begin receiving messages the teacher sends, with the option to use the FREE TalkingPoints for Families mobile app, regular texting or online login.

Teacher messages can include links, documents, photos, polls, and videos with or without translated captions!

Families view each message as a 1:1 chat with the teacher, regardless of how many recipients there are, and can engage with the message by liking it, answering any polls, and responding with a message in their home language. They can also attach links, photos, and videos.

For information on how our translation works, our privacy information, or any other frequently asked questions, visit

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