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What happens when a teacher sends a parent a word that is "teacher jargon" identified by the TalkingPoints for Families app?

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The US education system is filled with terms and acronyms that families who are not directly involved in a career in education are not likely to know.

That's why we've added the TalkingPoints Ed 101 feature to the TalkingPoints for Families app!

This feature is an ever-growing, hidden glossary of educational terms our team of educators and experts in the field have identified that will be defined for families if they are sent in messages through the app.

Here's how it works:

If the app recognizes that one of the terms has been sent from a teacher to a family, it will be highlighted. The family member can click on the highlighted term and it will reveal and simplified definition of the term. This is to increase accessibility and understandability of the information being shared by teachers with families.

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