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Why TalkingPoints for Families?
Why TalkingPoints for Families?

Learn the value of the TalkingPoints for Families app.

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You've enjoyed the convenience of TalkingPoints for Teachers by sending countless messages—and we are continuing to work on enhanced features that will make connecting with families easier and more effective for you.

But what about family experiences?

Let's talk about the TalkingPoints for Families app and how it can take engagement to the next level for you AND your families.

Benefits to You

  • Data shows that families using the TalkingPoints for Families app are more engaged with their teachers than text message users.

  • When families join the app, they can see read receipts versus the limited delivered status we are able to provide for text message users.

  • The family app directly connects families to our dedicated support team so you are not left fielding all of the questions about the app your families may have.

  • ...and more!

Benefits to Families

  • Families using the app have access to the same "Help me Understand" feature that is in the TalkingPoints for Teachers platform.

  • In an effort to make information accessible to all families regardless of literacy barriers, the app is also equipped with text-to-speech, and soon, speech-to-text capabilities.

  • The TalkingPoints Ed 101 feature defines identified educational terms families are unlikely to know in case they are sent in a message.

  • Families accessing their messages on the TalkingPoints for Families app have a much clearer view of classes and teachers, so this is the ideal experience for families with multiple children in classes using the platform.

  • ...and more!

To encourage your families with smartphones to download the TalkingPoints for Families app, you can visit our Help Center for some helpful printable links in our top languages. You can also print these QR codes to have families download the app quickly and easily.

If you'd like to share a tutorial or see for yourself how it works, click below. 👇

To connect your school or district with TalkingPoints, click here to request a quote. And don't forget to follow us on social channels to keep up with everything TalkingPoints.

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