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TalkingPoints Shared Messaging for Families (From the Teacher's Side)
TalkingPoints Shared Messaging for Families (From the Teacher's Side)

Family app users can choose to share conversations they have with teachers about their student with any of their other family members.

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Family contacts who use the TalkingPoints for Families app can choose to turn on shared messaging so that they and other family members can be in a group message with their child's teacher. All of the teacher's messages will automatically go to all of the family contacts opted into shared messaging.

*Please note:

  1. Teachers DO NOT have control over whether or not a family contact is or is not opted into shared messaging--those controls are exclusively on the family app.

  2. Once two or more family contacts have turned on shared messaging, their messages to the teacher will always be available to the other family contacts who have opted in.

  3. This also means that the teacher’s messages will always go to all family contacts who have turned on shared messaging. The teacher can no longer send a message to an individual family contact through TalkingPoints while shared messaging is turned on for two or more contacts.

  4. This feature is only supported on the TalkingPoints for Families app - it is not supported for family contacts who use text messages.

Teacher Web

When composing a message, a sharing icon will appear next to the name of the family members who have opted in the group message. Select that group, and the members of that group will all be able to see your message.

Composing a New Message

Composing a Message with the Conversation View (within a message thread)

Teacher Mobile App

To see how shared messaging shows up on the TalkingPoints for Teachers mobile app follow the steps below:

  1. Tap Select recipients

  2. Contacts who opted into shared messaging have a purple icon next to their role and name.

  3. These family members can not be selected individually - when you choose one, all others who have opted in will automatically be selected.

  4. Once you select the recipient and tap "Done", the "To" field in the message will show the family members who have opted in to shared messaging in the same box.

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