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TalkingPoints Shared Messaging for Families
TalkingPoints Shared Messaging for Families

Family app users can choose to share conversations they have with teachers about their student with any of their other family members.

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Families who use the TalkingPoints app can turn on ‘Share messages’ to change their conversation with a teacher into a group message. When you and other family contacts share messages, you see the same messages from the teacher, as well as all responses from each other.

Please note that while shared messaging is turned on, you cannot send a private message to the teacher through TalkingPoints - messages go to everyone who is sharing messages for the student. You can turn off shared messaging at any time.

This feature is not available through SMS text.

Via the app:

Step 1: Tap the 'Settings' tab.

Step 2: Select the student you want to share messages for.

Step 3: Tap the 'Share messages' toggle.

A dark purple icon appears next to other family contacts who are using the app and have shared messaging turned on. When you turn on shared messaging, you will begin to share messages with any other contacts who have the dark purple icon next to their name.

Having trouble with shared messaging?

  1. If the other family contact(s) are using the app, but have a light purple icon, this means that they have not enabled shared messaging yet.

  2. If the other family contact(s) have 'Invite to app' next to their name, they are currently subscribed via text message. Tap 'Invite to app' to send them an invitation to download the TalkingPoints for Families app. Once they log in, they can follow the instructions in this article to turn on shared messaging.

  3. If you do not see any other family contacts listed, your messages cannot be shared. Contact your teacher or school to make sure all family contacts are added under the same student listing.

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