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Why Teachers and Admins Cannot Edit/Delete Announcements
Why Teachers and Admins Cannot Edit/Delete Announcements

Understand why school personnel cannot edit or delete announcements.

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Teachers frequently ask why they cannot edit and/or delete announcements. Though this is a feature we understand the desire for, we cannot support it for the following reasons:

  • The majority of our family user base utilize SMS text messaging to communicate with teachers. For those family members, once a message has been delivered, the TalkingPoints team cannot delete it from their cellular devices, and the teacher cannot edit the message after the fact. It is important that we maintain consistency between families who use the app and those receiving SMS text messages so that everyone is seeing complete and consistent communication from schools and teachers.

  • In addition, most public schools may be subject to receiving Public Records Requests (PRR's). This means that they may receive requests for all communications between specific employees, and they would need to be able to produce their original documentation. Therefore TalkingPoints needs to maintain a record of the communications.

In summary, while we understand the convenience of being able to edit/delete old or imperfect announcements, all original communication is important for school records.

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