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What is the "help me understand this message" button?
What is the "help me understand this message" button?

Can I get a translation reviewed if it doesn't make sense?

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We created the Instant Help Me Understand button for incoming messages with spelling/grammatical errors or mixing of English and home languages that are difficult to understand. With this tool, you don't have to wait for one of our translators to take a second look at the translation. You can now get instant access to a better translation automatically!

*Note: Instant Help Me Understand feature is currently available only on Teacher web. On the mobile app, you can submit a translation request to one of our translators for review.

Teacher Web:

Step 1: If the message in English is unclear, you can click the "question mark" icon beside the message to access the "help me understand feature."

Step 2: New the new translation is generated instantly.

Step 3: Feel free to send to human translation if the updated translation is still not understandable.

Teacher Mobile:

Step 1: Click the question mark next to the message you want clarified.

Step 2: Submit for review and wait for the message to return after being checked by a translator.

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