We created the "help me understand this" button for incoming messages with spelling/grammatical errors or mixing of English and home languages that are difficult to understand. With this tool, our translators will take a second look at the translation provided to ensure that you are able to fully understand it!


Step 1: Hover next to the message from the family that you are having a hard time understanding. Select the question mark that says, 'Help me understand this message.'

Step 2:  Follow the instructions on the pop-up window and click 'Submit for Review.' Your request for clarification will be submitted to our team of translators. 

Step 3: Once the translation has been processed, the message will come through with a reassessed translation and a status update.


Step 1: Click the question mark next to the message you want clarified.

Step 2: Submit for review and wait for the message to return after being checked by a translator.

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