First of all, congratulations babe!! 🐣

Secondly – we'd love to have you as part of this challenge. The 4 weeks will be pretty intense physically, so the first thing we'd recommend is to see your GP. Show them one of Tammy's ab workouts as a reference for what kinds of workouts you'll be doing, and get their thoughts on whether your amazing body is ready for this kind of working out.

If you get the green light, Tammy has an amazing post-pregnancy program in the app that you can test workouts from in the lead up to the challenge. This will help you to check in with your body and get it ready for daily workouts. It includes TA activations, pelvic tilts and all of the good stuff to ease your bod back into exercise.

If you decide with your GP that you're not ready for a challenge right now, that's also okay! Jump into Tammy's post-pregnancy program in the app and we'll let you know when the next challenge is on.


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