This challenge is all about feeling and looking your absolute best. Before and after photos have some strict rules but this is to ensure everyone has an even chance at winning.

There is no need to post before photos until the end of the 4 weeks. We will then ask you to email them through 馃挀

Challenge Inclusivity

Tammy Fit totally understand that we have a super diverse group of challenge participants located around the world. To ensure everyone is included, we acknowledge that these requirements may conflict with personal and religious beliefs. As such, we allow the following exception to the photo requirements:

路 Full clothed, including full length (preferably fitting/tighter) clothing to show transformation;

路 Headscarves, burqas, hijabs or similar;

路 Show some skin, wearing tight leggings or tight shorts and tops.

What could I win:

1st prize $3,000 AUD

2nd prize $2,000 AUD

3rd prize $1,000 AUD

What we are looking for:

路 Before photos must be taken the day before or on the first day of the challenge with the challenge graphic either printed or on your phone emailed to you in the week leading up and will be attached below;

路 After photos must be taken must be taken during the last week of the challenge with the challenge graphic either printed or on your phone emailed to you at the end of the challenge and will be attached below;

路 Challengers will need before and after photos taken, preferably by a friend or family member.

路 When uploading before and afters, photos must be side by side for all angles as pictured below.

Important to note that:

路 Selfies will not be accepted;

路 Photos should not have any photoshopping, editing, retouching, or filters applied. Users found to be in breach of these rules will be immediately disqualified.

路 We also ask for written approval for images to be shared in the press, on social media and any Tammy Fit marketing.

Photo requirements:

路 Wearing swimwear or underwear (the same/similar outfit in both photos);

路 Have a clean background (e.g. a white wall);

路 Have natural / bright lighting, no shadowing;

路 Taken at eye level;

路 Show side, front and back progress photos (just relax and be natural);

路 Avoid posing, flexing and sucking in.

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