We believe that remote work should allow the same spontaneous & highly social interactions that in-person work has. Please read why we built Tandem to learn more about it.

🗣Spontaneous Conversations

We wrote a whole post on how teams are using persistent calls to build trust and spontaneous conversation on their teams

Make sure your teammates have downloaded the Tandem app and have it open throughout the day. As questions arise through the day you can just click on a teammates name as if you were to tap on their shoulder. But you will ask: "I don't want to get interrupted!", we agree 100% with you, that's why show your teammates context to answer: are they currently busy or focused?

📆Tandem co-working Day

  • Create a room and name it "Co-working"

  • Copy the link to that room (Here's how)

  • Paste the link in your Calendar event

  • Invite your teammate's to that event and make it either all day long or a few hours

📍Using Rooms 

When you enter a room, your teammates will get a notification inviting them to join - it's a nice way to invite conversation without being demanding. Some ideas for room names / use cases:

  • Alex's Office - when you're here, it's an invitation to talk. 

  • Help needed - go here when you're stuck / blocked, so others can come and help

  • Project ABC  - you can have "office hours" for specific projects by creating / renaming a room. 

💡Here are some power-user tips:

  • if everyone has Tandem, you can get a room link from the settings and put it in the calendar (it won't work if your teammates don't have Tandem). 

💬Use Tandem with Slack

  • If someone's focusing, or you infer that they're in deep focus (e.g. they're in VS Code, or Figma), use our Slack integration to see if they're free. They'll get a few quick responses (e.g. "Give me 2 min."). 

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