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How much royalties can I expect from each share I own?
How much royalties can I expect from each share I own?

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Each share equals the expected royalty payout for the investment period, also leaving headroom for a risk adjusted return. This means, if you buy a share to the initial price of let’s say 2 euros, you are expected to get back around 2 euros plus a risk compensated return. In the past, yields generated by music royalties have been in the 5-15% range on average with a high standard deviation for single songs.

If the music performs better than expected, the royalty payout will be higher. Same goes the other way around, if the music underperforms the royalties will be lower than expected. Past returns are not a guarantee for future returns.

Note that this is only true for shares you bought at the initial price. Shares that are trading are priced by other music investors and can therefore be higher or lower than the initial price.

You find the royalty payout date on each musical asset in the app.

Remember this is an open market where you invest in a piece of art. Anything can happen.

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