General A Record Setup

When you upgrade your Tap site you need to update your custom domain's A record to point to the IP address specified on your Tap Dashboard during the upgrade process. You can do this from your DNS settings. You'll need to contact the company you purchased your domain from for help setting up your A record. In addition to your Tap dashboard, if you enter your domain here it will tell you when your A record is pointing to the correct IP address. 

You will need to create two A records for your domain e.g. 

  1. "@" or "leave blank" e.g.
  2. "www" e.g.

Important: the record "Type" must be "A". Tap does not require any CNAME records. The "Value" is the IP address provided on your Tap Dashboard. 

Creating A Records for Different Domain Providers 

The way you setup your A record will vary depending on the company you registered your domain with. The below links may help you setup your A record: 


Using Cloudflare

If you are using Cloudflare then please follow the instructions here.  The IP address must NOT be masked by Cloudflare in order for the Tap upgrade to be processed successfully, so we recommend turning Cloudflare off until the upgrade is complete. 

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