How To Create A Standard Campaign?
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Sending an email to the group of contacts using lists or segments. An individual campaign can be created and sent immediately, or a campaign can be prepared and then scheduled to send at a later time.

Create a New Campaign

Basic things to be ready before scheduling the campaign

  • List

  • Valid Company Email Address

  • Email Template

Choose the Type of Campaign

Standard Campaign

Add Recipients

  1. Choose an existing list that you want to send the campaign. You can add more than one list.

  2. You can add a list to Exclude Recipients, so the users on the list will not receive the campaign even if they are on the sending list.

  3. CALCULATED TOTAL RECIPIENTS will display the approximate number of recipients. This will exclude all the duplicates and unsubscribe emails.

  4. Delivery control: Enable or disable this option. Recommendation: Enable this option with 24 hrs, So the user will not receive the email if they received any emails before 24 hrs. Nudging email, the customer will complaint the email or unsubscribe from the email.

  5. Personalize the recipient's name: The name visible to customers receiving your email as "To: Guest" instead of "To:" This is more personal and may help avoid spam filters.

Add From Address

  1. From email: Domains from free email providers are not recommended.

  2. Verify Domain: When a new domain was added, the verification process will happen

Subject and Preview Text

  1. We have an option to add emoji and personalization tags.Example: Don't miss out on these awesome deals - {{first_name|sub:'friend'}} ☺️

The sub variable in the Personalized tag is the fallback variable.

Preview text will be display near the subject line.

Email content

You can choose how would you like to create campaign content.

  1. Free Themes

  2. Layouts

  3. Create from Scratch using the Drag and Drop method.

  4. Campaign templates - Completed campaign templates will be available, so we can you the same template which was sent.

Choosing the template will be redirected to the edit template page.

  1. If needed we can choose another template.

  2. Send test email - on email the merge tags will not work.

  3. Save and return will redirect to the campaign page.

Note: If the unsub tag was missing on the footer, We will inject the footer tag at the bottom of the Email content.

UTM tracking

UTM source, Medium & Campaign will have default Values, if needed you can create a custom value.


  1. Send Now option will start sending the campaign immediately.

  2. Schedule later - This will start sending them within a few minutes after the time you set. You can schedule the campaign with the timezone you needed.

By default: Determine Recipients at Send Time” option will be selected in the setting. Thus ensuring that no recipients are missed but adding an extra calculation before the campaign can be sent.

Campaign Report

Pause Campaign

When you schedule a campaign in advance, you will have the option to pause your campaign anytime before sending begins or while a campaign is in mid-send.

Once the campaign was paused the campaign will stop sending emails, then you can resume the campaign with updated changes or not.

Note: if you made any changes those will not be sent again to previously sent emails.

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