Account settings

Account level updates for changing the account name, contact email, time zone and currency.

Campaign settings

  • Update the default From settings.

  • Smart sending - designed to prevent you from accidentally over-emailing people. Smart Sending allows email subscribers to be skipped from receiving an email if they received one before in the Smart Sending window. By default, this is set to 24 hours. This means that anyone who received an email within 24 hours of your most recent send will be skipped.

  • Campaign sending defaults - determine the default behavior when scheduling campaign. They can also be changed per campaign.

Note: These 3 changes will not affect campaigns currently running or scheduled. Changes are applied for creating new campaigns.

UTM tracking

You can use the default Parameter and Value, but also have the option to create custom UTM Parameters and Values.

Note: This will not affect campaigns currently running or scheduled. Changes are applied for creating new campaigns.

Verify domains

You can send multiple email addresses to send your email campaigns from. You can have one as the From email address and a separate one as the Reply email address. You will need to verify the email address beforehand.

Here’s how you add and verify email addresses:

  1. On Verify Your Domain page, you’ll see the email addresses you’ve already verified and the pending verification emails. You also have the option to add new email addresses.

  2. Click on the Add New Domain button.

  3. On the Verify your domain pop-up, enter the email addresses you would like to verify and click on Send Verification Email.

  4. Now, go to the inbox of the email address you would like to verify and copy and paste the verification code. Click on verify.

Note: Before using an email address, you must always verify that it belongs to you or your business. Using a personal or generic ISP email address such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and Outlook will affect your delivery rates. To have better results, use your company or business domain: (

BayEngage branding

By default, all free accounts will have BayEngage branding in their email footers. If you would like to edit or remove the BayEngage branding, follow these steps to customize your footer to best suit your business. All customers on paid plans will have BayEngage's branding automatically turned off.

You can choose between four BayEngage branding options to match the style of your choice.

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