There are certain prerequisites when it comes to sending an SMS campaign.

You need to be ready with the website name, the sender’s phone number, the default message, and more.

With BayEngage’s SMS Settings you can set up all the SMS marketing essentials.

Let’s now look at how to do this.

How To Use BayEngage’s SMS Settings

Head over to SMS Settings and fill out the basic information that has to be set before you start your SMS campaigns.

  • Give your site name. This can be added as a tag in your SMS copy when you send SMS campaigns

  • Set up a default opt-in message that can be sent to your contacts.

You have a bunch of templates that cover different use cases. Click on “Browse ideas” and choose the template that you want.

Alternatively, you can also type your own message. You also have the option to personalize these messages and make them conversion-driven based on the usage of the first name, last name, store name, store link, and cart link and add emojis to make it engaging.

Cart Link: Here’s What You Need To Know

Adding the store link and cart link to your SMS comes in handy when you want to measure the number of clicks. Based on the recipient’s action on your messages, you can further measure the success of your campaign.

The cart link will also help in making a quick purchase as the items will be refilled upon clicking on the cart link.

Note: Do not load your messages with more than one link to avoid spam texts.

Note that each message has a character limit of 160 and if it exceeds that, the message will be split into two.

  • Abandoned cart default SMS message: For the scenario where you collect the phone number of a cart abandoner via a pop-up on your website that gets triggered when they abandon the cart, you can set a default abandoned cart message.

You can automate the process and make sure that this message gets triggered contextually and at the right time thereby helping you boost conversions.

This message can be:

  • Personalized

  • Set up using templates

  • Spiced up with emojis

  • Automated

  • We allot the sender’s phone number from whom your recipients will be receiving the messages.

You can also set up a delivery threshold of the number of SMS messages you want to send in a day in order to ensure that you don’t bug your recipients that could essentially result in unsubscribes.

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