BayEngage integration with BigCommerce

BayEngage integration with BigCommerce

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Title: BayEngage integration with BigCommerce


Once you integrate your eCommerce store with BayEngage, the following data would be automatically synced:

  • Products

  • Customers

  • Orders

Installation steps:

Step 1: To install BayEngage, first log in to your BigCommerce store and go to ‘Apps’ => ‘Marketplace’.

Step 2: Then click on ‘’.

Step 3: Search for BayEngage in the search bar.

Step 4: Click on the BayEngage App and wait for it to open.

Step 5: Click the ‘Get this app’ button and click on ‘Install’.

Step 6: Select the checkbox and click on Confirm to finish the installation.

How does BayEngage make use of your product data?

  • The data about your products can be used to display the product feed in email, particularly when you are doing product discounts and other promotions

How does BayEngage make use of your customer data?

  • With customer data, you can personalize your email campaigns and drive better engagement. You can personalize your subject lines with customers’ first names, last names, company names, and more.

Also, you can track the email subscription status of your customers on BayEngage, i.e. when a customer unsubscribes, you can see that they are automatically updated as “unsubscribed” in your store's email marketing status.

How does BayEngage make use of your order data?

  • Orders help you understand your customers’ tastes and preferences and personalize your emails based on that.

  • You can create segments based on orders placed by your customers to send out targeted emails.

What’s the frequency of the data sync?

Data sync happens in real-time. Whether it is an update on your products, orders, customer data, or a change in the subscription status of your recipient, all changes sync in real-time on your BayEngage account.

Other benefits of integrating BayEngage with your store:

Integrating with BayEngage will eliminate the manual process of adding a script to your code which is required in order for the BayEngage popups to work on your store. BayEngage does this automatically on installation to help you set up a popup in no time.

Make use of our readymade templates, easy to use editor to create and publish popups in less than seconds from your installation.

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