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Steps to Verify Your Sending Domain On BayEngage
Steps to Verify Your Sending Domain On BayEngage

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Domain verification on BayEngage is done to ensure that the sending domain is authentic and secure. This is also used as “From address” by default. However, if you wish to add another email address as the sending domain (the one different from the email address you used to sign up for BayEngage), you can do that too.

This help article will cover the steps required to accomplish that.

How To Do A Domain Verification On BayEngage

  1. Login to your BayEngage account and headover to “Settings”. Click on ‘Verify domains’.

By default, the email id that you used for the signup is set as the sending domain.

2. But, if you want to set another email address, you can do so by clicking on “Add new domain”.

3. Add your new email address and click on “Send verification email”. Enter the verification code sent to your inbox to verify that it is you. Once your email address is verified, it’ll be available for you to use as the sending domain for your campaigns.

💡Note: You must use an email address that belongs to you or your business. For best email deliverability rates, you must refrain from using personal email addresses like Gmail, Yahoo etc. Use your business domain, ex:

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