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How To Set Up Campaign Defaults On BayEngage?
How To Set Up Campaign Defaults On BayEngage?

[Quick Guide On Campaign Defaults ]

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Campaign defaults on BayEngage helps you set up the campaign essentials like From address, sender name, the email address which should receive recipients’ responses, the delivery threshold etc.

In this help article, you’ll learn how to use campaign defaults on BayEngage.

How To Use Campaign Defaults On BayEngage

  1. Login to your BayEngage account and head over to “Settings”.

Click on “Campaign settings”.

  1. Here, you have options to set your From address and the delivery threshold.

You can set up a “From name”, “From email address”, and the email address which should receive recipients’ responses.

💡Note: You can also add new email addresses here (the one different from the email address you used for signing up to BayEngage). However, the domain verification process will happen at this step if the domain is new.

Set up a delivery threshold

You might be running multiple email campaigns everyday. For the most part, there might be common recipients of these campaigns. So, it is important to ensure that you don’t bother your recipients with too many emails in a day or even in a week or month.

In order to prevent unsubscribes, you can set a delivery threshold for hours, days, weeks, or even months. With Delivery Control enabled, each recipient will be checked to ensure they have not already received another email within the period selected.

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