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How To Customize An Unsubscription Form?
How To Customize An Unsubscription Form?
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Irrespective of any emails you send your customers, every email should have an option for the customers to opt-out from receiving future emails. Designing a personalized unsubscription form will let you understand the pulse of your customers. Based on the collective feedback, you can discover a new route to your email marketing journey.

How to customize an un-subscription form?

  1. Log in to the ‘BayEngage app from TargetBay’ by entering the correct credentials.

(Click here to login).

2. Navigate to the option “Settings” on the menu to your left. Now click on the option “Preference Center” from the list of options under ‘Settings’.

3. Now, select the option “Unsubscription Form.”

Note: Click here to know more on how to design an Unsubscription Confirmation Form.

4. Using the widgets to your right, you can design a personalized unsubscription form. Simply, drag and drop the widget into the form.

💡 Tips: How to design a personalized unsubscription form?

  • Use your company logo

  • Use your company name

  • Try to understand your customer's preferences.

5. Once designed your unsubscription form, click on “Save & Return” to save your design.

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