How to Authenticate Zap with BayEngage?
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Zapier supports the most popular authentication schemes, including basic authentications such as username and password, API key authentication, digest, session, and OAuth v2.

And whenever you want to integrate BayEngage with Zapier, you will have to use API key authentication. Let’s take a look at the step-by-step guide on how to authenticate your BayEngage account in Zapier.

  1. First, Sign in to your BayEngage account if you already have one or sign up if you are new to BayEngage!

2. Click on Apps which would be on the left side of the screen.

3. Click Install to connect Zapier with BayEngage.

4. Then, press settings to move to the API key authentication scheme.

5. Copy the Client ID and Client secret one by one.

6. Now keep your Zapier account open in another tab and keep it logged in. Click My Apps on the left side of the screen.

7. Search for BayEngage in the Apps search bar and click Connect.

8. Zapier shows a pop-up window. Paste the Client ID and Client secret that you copied from BayEngage onto the pop-up. Then, click Yes, Continue.

9. You have now properly authenticated Zap with BayEngage

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