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AND/OR Operators Explained
AND/OR Operators Explained

Use AND & OR operators to segment your audience

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Understanding AND & OR Operators on BayEngage

Want to set more than one metric to segment your audience? Use BayEngage’s AND and OR operators to create a highly targeted and unique segment. These operators can be used to send targeted emails by combining people belonging to two or more groups.

After reading this article, you will be able to effectively use the AND and OR operators to send targeted emails/SMS to the right audience.

#1 - OR Condition

Use of OR operators necessitates that the user needs to fulfill only one of the many conditions set by you to be included in the segment. This implies that a user who satisfies just any one of the conditions gets qualified to be a part of the target group/


In the below-given segment, people who have placed an order at least once in the past 6 months OR those who have an active subscription since the last 6 months will be included in the segment.

In the above diagram, the entire orange section represents the user who fulfills either Condition 1 OR Condition 2.

#2 - AND Condition

The use of AND operator makes it mandatory for the user to fulfill both or all the conditions set to be a part of the segment. The non-fulfillment of even one condition disqualifies them from being included in the target audience group.

In the below-given segment, only those people who satisfy both the condition of having placed an order in the last 6 months and have and active subscription in the past 6 months will be included in the segment.

In the above diagram, the green section represents the user who fulfills both Condition 1 AND Condition 2.


1. Is there a limitation on the number of AND and OR operators that can be used?

No, you can use any number of these AND and OR operators to group your audience according to your preference.

2. How does a flow with both AND and OR operators function?

Certain flows necessitate that we apply both AND and OR conditions. The rules around the operators do not change. In such complex flows, the OR operators are first validated as they are contained within the parentheses. Flowing which the AND operators are validated.

3. Does BayEngage have pre-built automation recipes?

BayEngage offers nearly 15 pre-built automation recipes that fit all your automation needs.

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