Watch this short video on how to use Tarjimly to request a translator, or follow the information below. To watch the video click here

Follow the steps illustrated below to request a translator:

1. Follow the steps to Sign Up.

2. Complete your Beneficiary profile and allow push notifications so you can be notified of messages:

3. On the Beneficiary home, you can start a Translator request by selecting "Select a Language, then the To and From language. If you have purchased Tarjimly Premium, you can add filters and preferences to your request:

4. Wait to be matched with a translator - this should not take more than 5 minutes, but will depend on the language pair. Once you're connected we'll send you a notification and ask for microphone permission so you can start a call:

5. In a Conversation, you can send text, voice notes, pictures, documents, get on an internet call, and even add another number for a 3-way call:

6. Once finished, select end conversation from the menu and provide the feedback and topic tags - this helps us with data and quality control. You can review your old conversation in the messages tab:

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