We're so sorry this happened - thank you in advance for keeping our community safe for all to use.

If you're not sure if the behavior is worth reporting, err on the side of caution and share the information with us anyway. We will review the case and take action if warranted.

How to report inappropriate behavior

You can report a problem as soon as your conversation ends, by rating the session with as "Problems", and then selecting "I would like to report this person". Be sure to describe want happened in the text box below it.

If you choose to report the person after a session has ended, you can do so by going to "Tarjimly Support" on the app, and clicking "New conversation" to message our team. You can also email us at team@tarjim.ly. When reporting someone, please provide the first name of the user you’d like to report and the date of the conversation. We will review the session, and take action as soon as possible.

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