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What is Tarjimly Filters?

Tarjimly Filters is a Premium feature on the Tarjimly app. It allows beneficiaries to fine tune their searches based on specific preferences.

How does it work?

To gain access to Tarjimly Filters you must subscribe to our Premium service. Once subscribed, you will be able to see "Add filters to request" below the language request panel.

  1. Click "Add filters to request"

  2. Select the desired filters
    You can select as many filters as you would like, but remember that the more filters you select, the narrower the pool of translators, and the slower and less likely the match.

  3. Click "Apply" in the upper right-hand corner

  4. Complete your request by clicking "Start request"

If you'd like watch a video on how to use filters, click here.

I'm having trouble getting matched. Why is that?

If you have trouble being matched with a translator, try reducing the number of filters used.

If you are only using one filter and still don't get connected, please message Tarjimly Support on the app with your language pairing and the filter used so that we can investigate.

What do the different filters do?

Interpreting vs. Translating Text

Tarjimly filters allows beneficiaries to specify whether they are looking for interpretation (i.e. a call or voice note conversation) or translation (i.e. texting or document translation). This allows us to reach out to the volunteers with the strongest skill sets in the form of communication you're looking for. It also informs our volunteers of your communication medium expectations, allowing them to knowingly commit.

Legal Translation or Education/ESL Translation

If you are working in a legal setting or in an educational institution, you can now select to filter for translators with self-reported experience in the field.

Female Translator

We at Tarjimly understand that female beneficiaries or clients, generally from more conservative cultures, may feel more comfortable with a female translator or interpreter. This especially applies if interpreting for conversations that include sensitive or culturally taboo topics.

Urgent Translation

This feature is perfect for times when you're in a hurry and need to get a translator on the line ASAP. By selecting "Urgent translation" Tarjimly pings twice as many translators to increase your chances of being connected in the shortest time possible.

Translator from Your Organization

If you work for an organization that already uses its own volunteer, community, or or professional translators, we can help you get them set up on our platform in a way that allows you to filter for them specifically. We even have the option of managing all payments for paid translators on your behalf. For more information on our Bring Your Own Translator model, contact our Partnerships Manager at .

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