Has a session really affected you? Do you feel blue as a result of a conversation you had on the app?

Translator and interpreter secondhand exposure to trauma while providing language access can still have notable effects. Those who are repeatedly exposed to first or secondhand trauma, such as aid workers, nurses, doctors, firefighters, and counselors are at an increased risk of suffering from compassion fatigue or vicarious trauma.

What is Vicarious Trauma?

Vicarious trauma or compassion fatigue is a condition resulting from taking on the emotional burden of someone else's trauma through exposure to the stories that surround it. This can happen to translators and interpreters when providing language access to those who have experienced or are currently experiencing trauma, especially if it triggers the volunteer's personal past traumas.

For resources on symptoms, assessments, and self-care, click the button below:

Community Support

Translators will be exposed to many situations for the first time on the app and may have questions. We know that our large base of volunteers has a plethora of experience and is capable of providing informed peer support.

Tarjimly has a Tarjimly Translators Community Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/tarjimlytranslators/) that aims to create a support system for volunteers on our app. If you would like to connect with other volunteers please join our group. We welcome sharing feelings and expressing challenges as long as session information remains confidential.

Reach Out to Us!

If you have a question or concerns about a session, or need support, reach out to us!
You can reach us via Tarjimly Support on the app, or email us at team@tarjim.ly .

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