Dear Tarjimly Translator Community,

It is your contributions that have made Tarjimly the valuable resource it is today. As a community, you have translated over 1 million words and interpreted over 4,500 minutes of conversations. We could not have achieved this without the power of our volunteer base who have given their valuable time to help refugees and immigrants in need. Our volunteer model is what makes Tarjimly unique, and enables us to provide free language access to anyone who needs it. We, at Tarjimly, are committed to providing free translation and interpretation for refugees, immigrants, asylum seekers, and those who help them. This is our mission; it is what guides us and motivates every decision we make.

Tarjimly is a non-profit organization. While this means that our bottom line is our mission of eliminating language barriers, it does not, unfortunately, mean that we are a no-cost organization. Each session that takes place on the app (i.e. calls and messages) incurs internet calling and texting fees. This means that although our beneficiaries (i.e. refugees, immigrants, asylum seekers, and organizations that serve them) are not paying to use our base services, Tarjimly is still incurring a cost for each session taking place on the app. In very rare cases, Tarjimly hires professional translators and interpreters for languages we are unable to recruit volunteers for. This also adds additional costs to running the language access app.

Tarjimly is currently funded by generous grants and donations. These contributions are what enable Tarjimly to provide its services for free. Grants, while very helpful, are not a dependable solution to financing non-profits in the long-term. For organizations to become sustainable and to be able to continue to provide the services that are so needed at no-cost, they need to find consistent and reliable sources of income to subsidize the free services offered.

One source of income that we are currently exploring as an organization is the Premium model. Tarjimly Premium will not alter the experience for most beneficiaries or translators using the app. Our free services will remain completely free.

As more translators join the app and additional languages become available, Tarjimly is becoming a valuable asset to many organizations to integrate into their daily workflows. This adds additional work and effort to Tarjimly. We work individually with partners to train their teams, create materials to facilitate the use of the app at their organizations, and create features that serve their specific needs.

Tarjimly can only operate, grow, and thrive with a strong volunteer community. Your opinion matters to us. If you have ideas or concerns, please contact us at .

With Gratitude,

Tarjimly Team

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