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What is Tarjimly Premium? What is Tarjimly Platinum?
What is Tarjimly Premium? What is Tarjimly Platinum?

Are you curious about Tarjimly Premium? What about Tarjimly Platinum? Learn about each subscription and how to sign up.

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Video on how to subscribe to Premium: Click here

Video on how to use Premium features: Click here

The Tarjimly App is a free-to-use tool with paid upgrades called Tarjimly Premium for individuals accounts and Tarjimly Platinum for organizations.

Tarjimly Premium offers a suite of tools designed to meet humanitarians' needs, and includes features such as:

In addition to the features offered in Tarjimly Premium, Premier NGO offers additional tools designed to meet organizations' needs, and includes:

What is the difference between Tarjimly's free service, Tarjimly Premium, and Premier NGO?


Tarjimly maintains strict industry-standard data security protocols for all user data. We have dedicated staff focused on ensuring that the privacy and security of user and Conversation data is maintained at all times.

With Tarjimly Premium, you can also choose to start "No Record" Conversations where none of the conversation data (text, voice notes, calls, video, files, etc.) are stored in our databases or locally on the translator's mobile app.

Our team is constantly working on measures to improve the privacy and safety of vulnerable communities. If you would like to partner with us on this effort, please email


Tarjimly Premium costs $25 per user per month. Including unlimited access to translation and interpretation services. To inquire into Premier NGO pricing, book a call here.

As a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit, our goal is to build the world's most accessible translator service and get Tarjimly in the hands of as many humanitarians and refugees as possible. Although Tarjimly Translators are mostly volunteers, we incur significant technology costs from Conversations, Calling, and building a first-class translation service.

To learn more about how to subscribe to Tarjimly Premium , watch this video.

Have questions about Tarjimly Premium? Email us at

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