How to use Tarjimly Hotline

Learn more about our hotline service, how to use it, and what our translators experience when receiving hotline requests.

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What is Tarjimly Hotline?

The Tarjimly Hotline is an Internet-free solution that allows beneficiaries to call a phone number from a landline or cell phone to connect directly with a Tarjimly interpreter.

Why was Tarjimly Hotline developed?

Tarjimly Hotline was developed in response to immigration attorneys working with immigrants in detention centers at the US southern border where cell phones were not permitted in the facilities. The pro bono attorneys needed to be connected to interpreters when meeting with their clients, but had to use the landlines available at the detention centers to do so.

How do I use Tarjimly hotline?

In order to gain access to Tarjimly Hotline, you will need a Premium subscription. Once you subscribe to Premium, you will receive a follow up email that outlines all of the features available with your subscription, in addition to the Hotline Phone number and your Tarjimly ID.

To use the Hotline:

  1. Call the number shared with you

  2. Make a selection for the language you need followed by the # key

  3. Enter your Tarjimly ID followed by the # key

  4. Wait to be connected

What do Tarjimly volunteers see when receiving a Hotline request?

Tarjimly volunteers see an incoming phone call from Tarjimly. Answering will directly connect a volunteer on a call where they will be expected to provide interpretation. This means that answering the call is like accepting an interpretation session on the Tarjimly app.

Hotline calls often last 30 minutes or more, so before answering, volunteers should make sure that they have sufficient time to commit.

Hotline Language List

  1. Spanish

  2. Somali

  3. Tigrinya

  4. Amharic

  5. Russian

  6. Kanjobal

  7. Krio

  8. Twi

  9. Haitian Creole

  10. Vietnamese

  11. Portuguese

  12. Arabic

  13. French

  14. Farsi Irani

  15. Kinyarwanda

  16. Swahili

  17. Dari

  18. Pashto

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