An Organization is made up of the accounts that are shared within one Billing Plan. In TaskTrain, an Organization is the digital equivalent of a specific business or workplace.

Organization Member

An Organization Member is a term that has the same meaning as the term Account. A User with an Account and an Organization Role is a Member of that Organization. Organization Members can be given access to Manuals, which contain Procedures. 

Organization Role

An Organization Role gives an Organization Member permission to access items within an Organization. The three Organization Roles within TaskTrain are Member, Manager, and Owner.

• Members can access Procedures/ Tasks according to the Roles designated under each Organization.

• A Manager has the same permissions as a Member and can also create new Assignments.

• An Owner can add or remove Organization Members and update their roles. An Owner is also responsible for Billing.


A Library is a collection of your own Organization's Procedures shareable within your Organization according to the various permissions and Roles assigned to Users. 


Manuals are containers for Procedures, so to create or edit Procedures, to assign them to other Organization Members, or to keep tabs on Tasks as they are completed. Staff members need access to the relevant Manuals.

Manual Member

A Manual Member is an Organization Member with a specific Manual Role.


Roles include Viewer, Worker, Manager, and Owner. 

By assigning Roles to Accounts in your Organization, you can tailor access so that every team member has the guidance they need to perform their job with precision and excellence. At the same time, your control over Roles ensures the security and fidelity of your systems.

• Viewer: May view Procedures & create Assignments from them.

• Worker: Viewer + may view all Assignments of Procedures.

• Manager: Worker + may edit Procedures & update Assignments.

• Owner: Manager + may add/remove Members & update their Roles.

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