Organizations provide workspaces for separate Accounts under a shared Billing Plan. 

An Organization is an overarching structure in TaskTrain, the digital workspace within which Owners or Managers develop work Procedures and then assign the Procedures to employees.

Read more about Procedures and Assignments for more details. 

Your first Organization is started when you create an account or accept an invitation. After working in TaskTrain for some time, you may decide to create a new Organization in order to further organize or elaborate your work structures and systems.

To create a new Organization:

1. Open the User Profile drop-down menu at the top left of the Navigation pane.

2. Select + Create Organization to open the Create Organization dialog box.

3. Enter your information in the provided fields. You may reuse the same e-mail address you used for your username or choose a different address for each organization to which you belong and press the Create button to create an Organization

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