You'll see your Assignments in your Inbox, at the top left of the screen in the Navigation pane, as soon as you log into TaskTrain. 

1. Press the Assignment, the selected Assignment turns blue and the Detail pane opens.

2. Press the Comments tab in the Detail pane, to add a comment on an Assignment, or on a specific Task within an Assignment.

Once the Comment Tab is opened, the Detail Pane shows existing Comments on the Assignment as well as two communication options.

  1. To reply to existing Comments, use the text input field immediately underneath existing comment threads.
  2. To start a new Comment thread, use the text input field at the bottom of the Detail pane,

3. Go back and edit or delete easily using the three-dot control icon to the upper-right of each comment, once you've made a Comment.

A full complement of text editing functions is available to you as you compose and edit your comment.

Please note, attachments to comments are a Premium Feature available only to paid subscribers. 

4. Add or remove followers by first floating your cursor over the phrase "are following" at the top of the comment threads. The phrase becomes bold and the "Add/Remove Followers" tooltip appears. Press on near the phrase "are following."

The Add/Remove Followers dialog box opens. Please note, only colleagues who are already members of the Manual under discussion may be added to the comment thread as a follower. 

5. Press the caret to the right of the Add/Remove Follower Text Field. A drop-down menu appears that contains all other Manual Members, now select the desired Manual Member by selecting their name and they immediately become a follower

Then press on the Done button at the bottom of the Dialog Box to close it. 

6. Press on the red link icon to the right of the follower's name, to remove a follower. The follower is immediately removed.

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