After Manual Managers or Owners create a Procedure, their next step is to create a series of Procedures Steps, or Checklist items, that delineate exactly how the Procedure is carried out. These Procedure Steps become the Assignment Tasks that Assignees complete. 

The particular procedure shown above has four Steps. One of those Steps, "Prep for Welcome" (selected and therefore blue), has four Substeps. Each Step and Substep provide progressively more detailed guidelines for employees to follow as they work their way down their Checklist of Tasks, thus ensuring accuracy and fidelity in Task completion. Steps and substeps can be added to the fourth level of detail.

To add Steps or make other edits to a Procedure, navigate to the Procedure, then follow the links below for step-by-step instructions on various types of editing related to Procedure Steps and Substeps.

  1. Add Procedure Steps and Substeps
  2. Delete Procedure Steps and Substeps
  3. Reorder and Rename Procedure Steps and Substeps
  4. Navigate, Promote/Demote Procedure Steps and Substeps

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