Help Content created for one Procedure or Step is stored by TaskTrain so that it can be reused easily and immediately for a different Procedure or Step.

For example, embedded and attached files are available as Help Content for the Procedure "Prep for New Hire" within the Library. This Help Content is available for reuse in other Procedures as well.

To use Content in other places, move to the location in which you would like to reuse content.

1 To reuse Content, first press on the Procedure or Step to which you would like to add Content, under a Manual

2 Next, press on the Content Tab of the Details Pane. 

3 Finally, press on the golden Reuse button.

The Reuse Content Dialog Box appears.

4 Scroll through the available Content and press on the Content you'd like to reuse.

5 Then Press on the green + Add button. 

The reused Content now appears within the Content Tab in its new location.

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