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Taxbotic Software Questions
Taxbotic Software Questions

General information about Taxbotic software

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What is Taxbotic?

Taxbotic is software as a service that automates document requests for the T1 clients of the tax professionals without any major setup or work. We fetch you client information ready to put into tax software, all with a few clicks.

How is Taxbotic different from accounting CRM software?

Lots of software say they can do anything and everything for you. We are not one of them. Taxbotic is not a jack of all trades. We have mastered one thing well: Personal Tax workflows to make your tax season a breeze.

Who is behind Taxbotic?

Taxbotic has been built by a mix of Chartered Professional Accountants and seasoned technology entrepreneurs who have years of personal tax preparation and deep-rooted coding experience.

How did Taxbotic come about?

One of our founders worked in the public practice industry for many years. He always thought about how can the tax season be made easier. He had a vision and he started working on his idea.

How long will it take for my clients to send the documents after receiving the invitation?

From the moment the client accesses the invitation link sent by you, it will take 10-15 minutes to fill in the information and attach documents depending on the different sources of income the client has. However, we cannot estimate when your clients will signup for completing the workflow after receiving the invitation.

How secure is Taxbotic?

We use secure servers residing on a VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) which are located in custom networks inside the cloud, secured by firewalls and security protocols. We also filter the traffic that reaches our servers and transport it in an encrypted manner. The security of your data is our utmost priority. Hence, we follow the highest industry standards.

Is my information kept confidential?

Off course! That is our utmost priority. We highly value and respect your privacy. We will not share or sell your information to any third parties for any purpose.

What if my clients are not sure about something on the questionnaire?

Every question is self-explanatory as we refrain from using any technical jargon and in case your client is not sure about something, there are information popups next to the questions to assist them. They can also message you in real time if needed.

How do you know what documents to request from my clients without knowing them?

Great question! Our team has put a lot of effort into strategically designing the workflow containing questionnaires and documents to be requested from the clients. The workflow extensively covers the most questions and documents that you may need to complete your client's tax returns. We do not claim to get everything for you as there can always be unique scenarios that cannot be forecast.

Will you do the calculations and sort my client's tax information?

No, Taxbotic will only provide you with the required information and documents from the client. However, we strive to significantly reduce the total time spent on preparing client tax returns. This is made possible by cutting back and forth admin tasks from your workflow.

Do you act on my behalf before my clients?

No, we don't act on your behalf. We only bridge the gap between you and your clients. We provide accountants like you with a ready-made solution to ease the tax season stress. We do not interfere in your relationship with your clients.

Can I charge and send invoices to my clients through taxbotic?

No, we do not have this functionality built into the software just yet. We are currently working on it. However, you can share invoices via message with your clients.

Do you support spousal tax returns?

Yes, we support spousal tax returns. You can associate client returns with other returns when you add them to your account. This way you can track spousal returns together.

How long do you keep our data on your servers?

We keep your data on our servers for four years. After this, all the data is removed. We highly recommend all data be always backed up on your storage devices at all times.

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