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DocuSign Integration Guide
DocuSign Integration Guide

This article explains everything you need to know about the DocuSign integration with Taxbotic.

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You can use Taxbotic's DocuSign integration to get the documents signed by the clients and track them in one place. The documents are uploaded and signed through DocuSign. However, the signed documents can be tracked inside Taxbotic in one place.

The integration with DocuSign is third-party integration. The documents sent for signing are handled through DocuSign. Taxbotic doesn't have built-in functionality to do this inside the app.

Before using DocuSign integration, you have to allow permission for Taxbotic and Docusign to interact with each other. This is done when you are linking your DocuSign account with Taxbotic. We are not liable for any unauthorized access, hacking or events leading to the loss or theft of data in DocuSign.

Any documents signed through the Taxbotic <> DocuSign integration are available for viewing/downloading in the Engagement Info tab of your client's profile window.

Any documents sent to the clients through the Taxbotic <> DocuSign integration will be received by the clients in their email accounts. These documents do not appear on the client side in the Taxbotic platform.

For DocuSign integration to work, you must have a DocuSign account set up outside Taxbotic. If you don't have an account, you should create one by visiting this link. Once the DocuSign account is set up, you must link up your DocuSign account with Taxbotic. To do so, you need three items as follows.

  • API Account ID

  • Integration Key

  • Client Secret

Here are the steps to find these items from your DocuSign account.

DocuSign Taxbotic Account Linking Steps

  1. Log into your DocuSign Account by visiting this link. Once logged in, go to the My Apps & Keys window.

  2. Here you will find the API Account ID. Copy and save it somewhere for use later.

  3. Click on Add App and Integration Key button next to create a new application to link with your DocuSign account. In the popup, type "Taxbotic App" or anything else to identify Taxbotic integration and click Create App.

4. Once you have created the app, you will see a window like an image below.

Copy the Integration Key and save it somewhere for use later.

5. Next, you should create a secret key. click on Add Secret Key button within the authentication section. You will see an image like the one below.

Copy the Secret Key and save it somewhere for use later.

6. In the additional settings section, click on Add URL and add the following URL

7. Click the Save button, and you are done with everything that you need to do in your DocuSign account.

8. Next, open your Taxbotic account (please ensure you are opening the admin account) and open any client profile.

Go to the engagement info tab and click on Link with DocuSign. Enter the API Account ID, Integration Key and Client Secret in the boxes provided and click save.

Accept the Allow Access pop-up window, and that's it; the DocuSign integration is now complete. Note that you only have to complete these steps once. The team accounts are automatically linked if the admin account is successfully connected.

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